Our Skills

We specialize in Open Source Technologies, more specifically using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) technologies. We have mastered methods that make your site powerful and interactive using emerging techniques like AJAX, Mobile apps, Social Networking, and Data Harvesting from YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Google etc.

We have built applications, tweaked many and customized them to weave your specific needs. Right from shopping carts to Social Networking sites and CMS solutions to just about anything that enables your presence on the web – we help you achieve desired results. Building shipping methods to your shopping cart, to payment gateways to secure transactions to enthuse confidence in your target audience : well, these are just some of the things we do for you.

We, The People

So what do you think makes you trust a company with your business? Is it the size of the company or the skills and dedication of the people who breathe within the Office space of the company?

We knew the answer when we started with our team building. We knew that we are looking for people who love their work, who know that technologies grow and so should we. We knew that people will come to us when they see that we are thinking for them and taking their burden off them, when we treat their projects as ours. We also knew that more than the years of experience in the industry, we also need fresh ideas, those that are ready to explore newer things without sticking to the received wisdom.

And so we started as a blend of experience and fresh talent, that could move with times.

Rajneesh Malviya CEO

Rajneesh Malviya, CEO

Rajneesh is the founder Chief Executive Officer of IDEA Foundation. His vision of an organization based on ethics that draws its strength from employee dignity and a commitment to work and knowledge. Having studied for B.Tech at IIT, Roorkee and then with more than 20 years experience as Project Engineer at IIT Delhi and thereafter, Software Companies, Rajneesh brings on board best practices and zeal for learning to the staff.


Shalini Malviya, Director – Operations

Shalini is one of the founder members of IDEA Foundation. Having finished a Masters with Honors in Biophysics, she went to IIT Delhi for her doctoral programme as a CSIR Fellow, and soon was promoted as a Sr. Scientist at IIT Delhi. She worked on a number of projects there and then took a sabbatical when she stayed back with her two kids and shifted to Web Technologies. Shalini loves to read, write and spend time with her family including a Labrador, Romeo.


Baljinder Singh, Group Lead (Development)

Baljinder is the Group Lead of LAMP team. He has been a pillar of strength for the entire team and continues to lead the team with his natural instincts in programming. He has developed his expertise in frameworks, CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Ecommerce solutions like XCart, Magento, OSCommerce. He never gives up as new projects roll in and helps team to achieve the best possible solutions. Baljinder is fond of Punjabi music and new technologies.


Mamta Sharma, Sr Team Lead (QA)

Mamta is the QA resource on the team. A B.Tech. in Computer Science & Technology, Mamta works diligently to make sure that the projects we deliver are bug free and great to use. Mamta loves to cook and sing. She is fond of Indian movie songs, and you can see her with her ubiquitous headphones almost always as she works on her assignments.


Kabul Rana, Sr Team Lead (Design)

Kabul is a designer on our team. He loves to learn new things. An expert in graphics design and web 2.0 technologies, Kabul supports the team ably with his designs. Kabul loves to go for long drives. He comes from the hill state of Himachal.


Amandeep Singh, Sr Team Lead (LAMP)

Aman, as we call him, is a B.Tech. in Computer Science & Technology. Apart from PHP, Aman is a wonderful resource for Python and emerging JS technologies like Angular, React and Node. We are always amazed at his ability to learn new things. Having completed his internship with us, Aman has kept abreast with new technologies. Well, what does he do when not working? He continues to look for something new to add to his skills. The fact is that he is never seen without work.