Our Methods

You have a Business Model that is Unique, and it is your idea that you want to be presented as an effective Web Application. We know that “One Fits All” does not convince you, and so we tailor your needs.

That is why we have redefined Turnkey Solutions all over again

While we have concentrated on the advantages of Turnkey Solutions, we have done it intelligently enough to see that your preferences in terms of technology choices are also answered. As a rule, we follow MVC Architecture to allow intelligent implementation of design and an object oriented approach for programming layer.


The Process: This is the first step we take as we start with the development. Here we discuss your needs focussing on your business model, and your chief reason to build your site or to redesign it. This phase is the foundation of your project, and so we patiently spend time on it to know that we are on the same page. We decide upon the technologies to be used for the project.

The Output: At the end of this phase, we draw a “Statement of Works” (SOW) for you. This document shreds open your project in smaller identifiable modules thus laying bare before you the entire developmental chart. We also attach timelines to the modules and assign workforce to it to ensure transparency. And also so that you know your team well.

Database Design

The Process: Our Project Managers and Systems Analysts get down to basics, and we clearly define our Database, all normalized and ready to serve your application

The Output: A clean sheet with defined relationships is what we churn out after this phase. And the functional sql file

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is generated.

Presentation Layer

The Process:

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It is time for our Design Team to take over. They assess your target audience, your competitors and your preferences. They talk to you with their thoughts on presentation layer which is directed to a great usability experience. And here, it is important that you know that our Designers are a bit “passionate”, with a mind of their own, and they talk a lot before they finally get down to work.

The Output: A Mock drawn for the Home Page and chief internal pages is what you get. After your approval they slice this PSD to a functional HTML-CSS, spruce it up with nice javascript functionalities and if need be work on a prototype too. All our designs are checked for cross browser compliance and validated over w3c XHTML and CSS standards.


The Process: We have the SOW with us and our development team starts building your application. We have our Demo servers in place and we release the development on these servers as we move ahead. You are involved pretty early here so that you are always in the know of the development.

The Output: An application with the intended functionality.

Quality Control

The Process: We use Bug trackers to allow our QA Team locate issues with the development. Well, if you want, we can also have you a part of our QA process so you may report issues in the developmental stage.

The Output: A bug free, quality assured solution

Migration to Live Server

The Process: It is time to go Live! And we ask you for your server details and migrate the site there without any extra charges. We make sure that the site runs without hiccups.

The Output: There you are; Your Own Space on Web!


The Process: We offer maintenance services too to the site. These services are free for the first month since we know that you might take time finding your way through the site.

The Output: Constant Support for all times to come.