Our Story

Back in 2007, we decided that we put together a small but cohesive unit where work is pleasure. It had always been at the back of our mind that we be a part of a team that sticks together and constantly grows. We decided that we will build an organization that relies upon Open Source Technologies, build affordable yet quality solutions, draw great talent from the country, groom them to be a part of a team that grows as it learns.

To us, this organization was to be a self sustaining software venture. We decided that we will focus on building a technical team. We knew that we didn’t have a capital that would give us the launch pad any young business could dream of. But we knew that we had the courage and conviction to take up any challenge that came our way.

And so we decided upon our name IDEA Foundation, where IDEA is an abbreviation meaning “ICT for Development, Empowerment & Action”. We decided to start using the growing power of web to enable businesses, so they reach a wider audience. Technology was growing, everyday was a new day. It still is as technology grows. We explore new areas everyday, we learn them and we have enjoyed every single day of our growth.

We have grown from a team of 4 from a small room to a bigger hall with 18 wonderful developers and designers ably supported by a QA team. We have built solutions for some of the best known names across the globe, transcending borders, as also we have helped budding businesses to grow through technologies.



Discussions & Sessions

One of our strength lies in our open house approach where all projects are discussed in detail with the teams. Knowledge sharing is an integral part of our structure. We have regular sessions on new technologies. These sessions have often been helpful in our continued pursuit of knowledge.



Open Floor Office

We have an open floor office with no high walls separating team members. We have often been complimented by our visiting clients on the kind of openness they experience in our office. Team members can approach each others desk without any difficulty.



Placement Drives

We visit colleges and institutes every year to draw best talent. These students are inducted in our team as interns where they undergo free training. Our training modules are designed such that students learn and progress in web development. At the end of training, the candidates are offered employment with the organization.



Interactive Sessions with Interns

All interns are allowed time for interactive sessions during their training period. They are evaluated on the basis of the milestones they have achieved during their training programme. Every student is paced basis on the progress shown.


Participation in Sessions outside the Office

We share what we have gained with young talent in various institutes. One such event here is our participation in an institute where Shalini spoke about Open Source Technologies and the opportunities these technologies offer to the budding IT engineers.


Foreign visitors

We have clients across the globe, and it is a pleasure to welcome them as they visit us as a part of Business Trips. Here, team is seen with Dr. Joe Nation, Professor in Policy Research, Stanford University, a Consultant with RAND Corporation, US and an Ex-Senator of California State Assembly.



Sharing Knowledge with Society

We, in keeping with our ideology, continue to share our expertise with society. We continue to work with Commomwealth Youth Programme Asia (CYP Asia) by way of helping them design a curriculum for training of youth in IT, as also by extending a warm welcome to deserving candidates from not so privileged backgrounds as potential employment with us.