Back in 2007, we decided that we put together a small but cohesive unit where work is pleasure. It had always been at the back of our mind that we be a part of a team that sticks together and constantly grows. We decided that we will build an organization that relies upon Open Source Technologies, build affordable yet quality solutions, draw great talent from the country, groom them to be a part of a team that grows as it learns.

To us, this organization was to be a self sustaining software venture. We decided that we will focus on building a technical team. We knew that we didn’t have a capital that would give us the launch pad any young business could dream of. But we knew that we had the courage and conviction to take up any challenge that came our way.

And so we decided upon our name IDEA Foundation, where IDEA is an acronym meaning “ICT for Development, Empowerment & Action”. We decided to start using the growing power of web to enable businesses, so they reach a wider audience. Technology was growing, everyday was a new day. It still is as technology grows. We explore new areas everyday, we learn them and we have enjoyed every single day of our growth.

We have grown from a team of 4 from a small room to a bigger hall with 20 wonderful developers and designers ably supported by a QA team. We have built solutions for some of the best known names across the globe, transcending borders, as also we have helped budding businesses to grow through technologies.


We call ourselves Business Enablers as we take your Business and Ideas to the world, or may be even create applications that you use within your organization or solely as an end user to mobilize your processes.

As we realize the strength of growing data, we have been moving to managing non-structured data streaming in large volumes. The use of web technologies within huge data organizations has been a major goal achieved lately.



The design is focused on getting the best catchy eye experience, so your visit is will remember your site and your mobile app. In addition the UX will help to this task.


Our Development Phases start from discussion, developing a detailed SRS and a succeeding SOW. We then keep you in the loop as the project takes shape. We walk with you till you are happy.


You have an idea, or you wish to take your business to the next level. We help you do it. Our years of experience with varied businesses globally give us an edge over many others as we ensure that your application is not only technologically stable, it also integrates well with the emerging social interactive platforms.

IDEA Foundation creates its own Products

We have placed robust products that make us proud.


Collaborative Access System of Teaching, Learning & Evaluation. A product designed for new way of teaching and learning for schools that see children as individual learners, who need to assessed not on a boring marks system. The software allows teachers to collaborate as they create learning plans, design engagements which pick up tangible Learning Outcomes. Engagements are assessed over Rubrics that allow teachers to put “I Can” statements. Students hence know the real learning achievements.


Multiple Projects Monitoring & Evaluation System, originally implemented for Sikkim Planning Commission, is designed for agencies and organizations managing multiple projects funded by single or multiple financial institutions, banks or bodies. The application helps monitor the development of the project on a matrix of indicators and activities, which help decision makers evaluate the progress. The application allows exchange of notes, documents and discussions for a comprehensive analysis. Finally, Beneficiary Assessment allows end users to add their valuable feedback.