Our Skills

We specialize in Open Source Technologies, more specifically using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) technologies. We have mastered methods that make your site powerful and interactive using emerging techniques like AJAX, Mobile apps, Social Networking, and Data Harvesting from YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc.

We have built applications, tweaked many and customized them to weave your specific needs. Right from shopping carts to Social Networking sites and CMS solutions to just about anything that enables your presence on the web – we help you achieve desired results. Building shipping methods to your shopping cart, to payment gateways to secure transactions to enthuse confidence in your target audience: well, these are just some of the things we do for you

We, The People

So what do you think makes you trust a company with your business? Is it the size of the company or the skills and dedication of the people who breathe within the Office space of the company? We knew the answer when we started with our team building. We knew that we are looking for people who love their work, who know that technologies grow and so should we. We knew that people will come to us when they see that we are thinking for them and taking their burden off them, when we treat their projects as ours. We also knew that more than the years of experience in the industry, we also need fresh ideas, those that are ready to explore newer things without sticking to the received wisdom. And so we started as a blend of experience and fresh talent, that could move with times.